Monday, February 25, 2008

TAG... I am it!

10 Years Ago...
I was a freshman at Hanford High School... that was a rough year, but one I learned a lot from.

5 Things on my list to do today...
1.  Take Cole to the doctor for his one year check up... better late than never:)
2.  Clean my kitchen... it is a wreck from the weekend.
3.  Blog... it has been awhile.
4.  Make my bed... this is something I have been trying to be better at, but it's never been one of my strengths.
5.  Pay bills... which is something I actually enjoy doing.

Snacks I enjoy...
Chips & Salsa, Peanut Butter Cups with Hot Tamales (this was inspired by my BFF Nicole), cheese filled breadsticks from Schwans, and Coldstone ice cream...

3 Bad Habits...
1.  Forgetting to floss my teeth.
2.  Shopping online and buying clothing impulsively.
3.  Buying produce at Costco... I really don't need anything fresh in bulk considering there are only 3 of us... but I cannot seem to resist getting a deal on grapefruit and avacados.

5 Place I have lived...
1.  Idaho Falls, Idaho
2. Auburn, Washington
3. Richland, Washington
4.  Pleasant Grove, Utah
5.  Bothell, Washington

5 Jobs I have had...
1.  Carl's Jr.
2.  Mcdonalds
3. Drycleaning... I was the queen of shirt laundry.
4.  Shade Clothing
5.  Stay at home mom... this is definately the hardest of any of the jobs I've had, but also the most rewarding.

5 Things you don't know about me...
1.  I hate going to sleep at night... I cannot remember when this started, but it is depressing to me to have to sleep, there is always more that I want to be doing.
2.  I am border-line OCD... or at least it feels like it sometimes... 
3.  I hate doing my hair... it just seems like a big waste of time.
4.  I rarely mop my kitchen floor... I just kind of spot clean as I go along, but Cole is making this more and more difficult the older he gets.
5.  I haven't ever mowed a lawn... I just kind of got lucky growing up I guess and I have yet to own a house with much of a yard in my adult years.

If I suddenly had a million dollars...
I would go on a crazy shopping spree, pay off my house, and save/invest the rest.

I am tagging Dana, Patsy, and Beth.


Johnna said...

Hey, I knew most of those things about you. I guess as the mom that is a good thing right?

Love you tons.....and glad that Cole is doing okay with the shot thing. I always hated taking you guys for shots too and now they give even more.....

Have a good evening!


Nicole said...

Hey I wish your mom commented on my blog! I will call you sometime this week it feels like we haven't talked forever, except i am sure it occured sometime last week

Beth said...

Thanks Aimee Beth... this might take some thought, and my brain is blurry these days.

But I love a good game of Tag!

btw - keep posting pics of you and your boys on your blog... you guys are so cute! I love keeping up with you this way.

Love and Hugs,
Aunt Beth

patsy said...

I know you tagged me a while ago~ I haven't forgotten!
I was telling a friend today that we are going up to seattle this summer & I am so excited about it.