Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Cole has become quite the little poser over the last couple of days... he will bring me my camera and start saying "cheese..." and wait for me to take his picture.  I love it, because I am finally able to get a bunch of shots of him smiling.
I love this picture, because it is obvious he is trying really hard to keep still and pose and holding still is pretty rare for him...
He kept wanting me to take pictures of his belly... so I am putting this one on here, because I am pretty sure it is what he wanted.  Who wouldn't want to flaunt that cute belly?
My boys, "cheesing" together... 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring Sunshine

Spring has been so much nicer to us this year than it was last year... Cole and I have been able to go to the park just about everyday and he is loving all of the outside time.

On Saturday we went to the U Village... we had never been there before... I am in love with that place.  Not only does it have just about all of my favorite stores, but it is in the prettiest part of Seattle and close to some really amazing old houses that I loved driving past.

This is Cole expressing his excitement at getting to be a big brother.  We are expecting baby Bergam #2 this winter and we couldn't be more excited.  Life is good...