Monday, March 10, 2008


My sister Brittany was here for the last 10 days visiting from Utah... I had so much fun with her here, but unfortunately, this is the only picture I have to document it.  I am so glad that she is my sister.  When I lived with her in Utah for a couple years, we got really close and I think we will have that friendship now for the rest of our lives.  While she was here, we went shopping, saw the movie Penelope, went out to eat, but of course there aren't any pictures of those things... only this one of us playing Golf... which really is one of the best card games... all in all it was good to have her here, because I miss her~

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Ripley Family said...

I only lived with your sis for a couple months and I miss her too!!! How is she doing??? Is she teaching in Utah? Tell her if she ever wants to come to Vegas she is more than welcome!!! It's good to catch up with you guys! Your little guy is so cute!!!--Alyssa