Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good Times

This weekend was so much fun for many reasons... my parents coming to visit being one of them... I didn't get any pictures of their visit here, but we had a really good time.  I am glad that I get to spend more time with them than I did when I lived in Utah.
Another highlight of my weekend was seeing one of my closest childhood friends... another event from which I sadly remain picture-less, but I am blogging about it nonetheless:)  She is in town visiting her sister who just had a baby and it was SO good to see her again. This picture was taken of us my senior year of high school when we had zero-hour yearbook together.  I have known this girl since we were toddlers and she is a part of who I am... there is just something about the people that you knew when you were young...

The above pictures are both from what was probably Cole's highlight of the weekend... playing in his new blow-up pool.  Sadly, I have never taken this little guy to a real swimming pool, but he was quite content with this one.  He played in it for about an hour and was sad when it was time to get out... I am looking forward to spending a lot of time outside with him this week since the pool was a success.


Brit said...

Very fun! I'm glad you got to see Megs this weekend! You look so young in that picture! Love you!

Haley said...

Aimee, I am talking to you as I comment...these pictures are so cute (as ususal). I miss you guys and hate missing Cole grow. Also, I adore that orange pool.:-)

Beth said...

Good times in the pool!

How fun you got to spend with your family and your friend!
Your Mom told me about getting to go to the shopping village you blogged about... fun times!

You look so great, your hair is super cute!

Styler Family said...

It was totally fun to visit with you guys. Cole is adorable! Hope his booboo heals alright. And Sean is always a delight.
Give me your email and I will send the pics I took to you.

PartyinPierson's said...

Oh my gosh how is megan I haven't seen that girl since we graduated. You'll have to tell her I said hello!! Miss that girl!!!