Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trader Joe's

These cookies are delicious! They taste a lot like an Oreo...but... they have crushed candy cane pieces in the cream... I found them at my new favorite place to shop... Trader Joe's. Have you ever heard of it? I went there for the first time this past Saturday and I was loving my life. It is a really small store, but packed with specialty items that you can't really find anywhere else. Plus... they have really good prices... I think I am going to be shopping there from now on.


Johnna said...

Sounds like fun! I can't wait to come over so we can go shopping. Maybe I will become a shopper yet. (don't tell you dad)jk

Love you tons....MOM

pjmesser said...

Hey Aimee~ Kristi has a whole post about Trader Joes. It is on her list of favorite posts. You have to check it out. I am so envious- it sounds like so much fun. Seattle- oh the shopping.

Styler Family said...

Hey Aimee,
Linked to your blog from Dana's. I enjoyed catching up with you guys through your blog. I especially loved the pictures of your family back in the day. Just how I remember everybody.
Cole is adorable. He looks just like you.
Congrats on the new job and move to WA. I agree Western WA is impossible to navigate, but you will get it.
–Melissa (Brown)

pjmesser said...

Aimee can I get Dana's blog address?

mom said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of that beautiful boy! From the picture of the fireplace your house looks beautiful too. We are thinking of coming over for Cole's birthday. Love Mom