Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Diaper Days

I love letting Cole crawl around the house in his diaper... I think he likes it too, because when I am changing him, the second his diaper is on he crawls away as fast as he can. In this picture, he has just dumped out his sippy cup on the kitchen floor and is splashing around in the water.
I am grateful for the perspective that Cole gives me on life. Things have been pretty crazy/stressful lately between selling our house in Utah and rushing to buy a house here, but I cannot just sit and stress because Cole needs me and I don't know what I would do without him.


pjmesser said...

Aimee you are a good mom- I think our kids bring out the best/worst in us, mostly the best. I love you- pj

Johnna said...

It is so cool to see pictures of Cole doing these things. Since you guys have moved back and we have been able to see you more, I can actually get the picture in my mind. He looks like Cole!

Have a good day Aimee.

Love you tons....MOM

The Holcombs said...

I also love letting my kids air out it seems so good for them!

Beth said...

Its so good you can let your hair down with him. I would have been stressing out about the mess on the floor... definately not taking pictures of it.

I am a mess, poor Jacob! Your a good Mom!!

Love and Hugs,
Aunt Beth