Monday, November 26, 2007


It feels good to finally feel better. My first week here in Washington was pretty miserable... We got here on a Friday and I was busy making "to-do" lists for Saturday, determined to get moved in here as quickly as possible. It didn't happen. I woke up Saturday morning feeling disgustingly ill and that feeling didn't go away until I went to the Tri-Cities for thanksgiving... I felt instantly better. I think a huge part of my sickness was homesickness and being able to spend some time with family for the holiday really helped. Cole is sleeping right now, but I am going to get out of the house today and explore as soon as he wakes up.


Johnna said...

It was so good to have you, Sean and Cole home for the holiday! Cole is absolutly adorable and such a good little baby. (Not a prejudiced bone in my body.) I can't wait to get to come and see you guys and your apartment. I am really glad that you are feeling better.

Love you, Mom

pjmesser said...

I am so glad you got to go home for Thanksgiving. It is so great that you can go home so easily now- well compared to before anyway.
The kids really really want to come up & visit this summer. I can't wait.

Beth said...

Aimee, It's good to have you back blogging again!

I will be in Seattle Dec 5th-9th... I hope we can see each other. Email me your contact numbers when you get a chance!

Love ya,
Aunt Beth