Monday, September 24, 2007

Fun Times at the Park

I love to swing... when I was in elementary school it was my favorite thing to do at recess... apparently, I haven't outgrown it... it was still just as much fun tonight as it was back then.
This is Cole and my beautiful niece Olivia... Haley(my sister-in-law) had the brilliant idea of putting them in the swing like this together and they loved it! They stayed like this... as happy as can be for at least 30 minutes!
There is just something peaceful about parks... I am so glad we got out tonight!


Johnna said...

This was the best way to start my day! I love you all!


pjmesser said...

oh good idea on the swing~ so cute

The Holcombs said...

aimee--this is haley writing under dana's name...i really like my anonymity (ha-ha).'re right...olivia is beautiful...but WHY does her mom let her go out without getting her hair done! (double ha-ha). anyway, seeing the picture does make me happy...that was such a fun day...i LOVE hanging out with you guys!