Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bothell Landing

Lately, I have just been getting the urge to run... so I decided to make it a family affair and got a jogging stroller so Sean and I could go together at night.  Cole loved it!  He was pushing the stroller around the house before we took it out and he seemed to like riding in it.
We went to Bothell Landing because they have a great trail. They have mile markers divided into quarter miles so it makes it easier to push myself when I can see my progress.  The park there is unbelievable... my pictures really don't do it any justice... but being at that park makes me wish I could live outdoors.  The park is enormous and surrounding it are old houses that have been updated and they are used for information centers and some of them have little shops inside.
The park has an enormous creek and the jogging trail goes all along it... it really is breathtaking in real-life to be this surrounded by trees and water.  Even though it is in downtown Bothell, you feel completely secluded from the city.
The bridge at the back of this picture crosses the creek to the jogging trail...  I have a thing for bridges... After researching online, I found out that they host all kinds of musical events here in the summer - hence the amphitheater... Those will be fun to attend if we stay here long enough for Cole's attention span to increase to a point to where he would allow it:)


patsy said...

wow I'm green with envy... what a gorgeous place!!
good for you running & making it a family affair-- great idea :)

Beth said...

I am jealous too!

Bothell Landing looks like a really neat place!

Hey, I have a thing for bridges too! I have a collection of 8 bridge pictures from when I was dating your Uncle Jim, it's really fun! Another secret connection I have with you... it's so cool!

Nicole said...

It looks so beautiful there! I am impressed with your running desires