Saturday, June 14, 2008

Country Village

We have been wanting to check out this place for a long time... it is only about 5 minutes from our house and every time we drive past it we want to stop... so we finally did...  The village is full of cute stores and restaurants and reminded me a lot of Gardner Village in Utah, it just wasn't quite as big.
This was my favorite store... it was full of adorable decorations and I love the name... I think I will be stopping there often as I finish decorating my house.
We didn't venture in to this store but I loved the name and the fact that it is in a tower... I would love to shop there for my wedding if I was a bride again.
The grounds were gorgeous to walk through... there was a little creek running through the entire village and a duck pond underneath this bridge...
They even have a mini train for kid train rides and I am going to take Cole back some day to do this when he is a little older...  It was just fun to be out and about and now I am happy to be home~


Brit said...

That looks like a fun place! We'll have to go there next time I visit.

Haley said...

Yay! You posted again---looks like a fun place.

patsy said...

fun times! I think I've driven by there before???
I need to call you about our visit... sorry I am so behind on that. We have gone back & forth whether or not we're going... if it's ok with you I think it's back on!!!

Beth said...

How fun, I totally know that place!!

Have fun painting, can't wait to see pictures!!

Dana said...

Hi I miss you!