Saturday, May 31, 2008

Woodland Park Zoo

 Sean and I decided to take Cole to the zoo this afternoon and I had no idea that we only live 20 minutes away!  I was expecting it to be on the outskirts of the city but it really was right in the middle of downtown Seattle.  Driving there was beautiful... you drive through this older neighborhood full of craftsman style houses and then all of the sudden the zoo is right there.  On our way home we took the scenic route and drove through this cute little touristy city called Lake City... we will have to go exploring there sometime because it looked like a lot of fun and had amazing waterfront views of Green Lake.  I am discovering more and more how much there is to do here... I need to take advantage of it!  


patsy said...

This is going to be a very long comment~
When I was little Aunt Sabra & uncle ray used to live blocks from there & when we were kids us cousins would all walk down to the zoo- by ourselves. different world I know. Anyhow, I loved it. It was free to get in- in the winter & we would get peanuts & walk up to the elephants, they were only behind a small fence, & feed them. It was so fun.
Not too far from there are the Ballard Locks. One of my very favorite places to visit! You have to go there- it's kind of like the panama canal. You can watch the boats go threw the locks (from lake wa to puget sound)then walk across & down. There is a salmon run. They built down under the water so that you can walk down & look at the salmon & fish swimming up stream. It think right now is about the time the salmon are running?!! It's fascinating & really fun. Their are beautiful rose gardens there too & one of my favorite restaraunts is just down from there Hiram's at the Locks.
Oh boy I love that area & you are right the neighborhoods & homes- gorgeous, I can't believe you live so close. You should consider getting a pass to the children's museum at the seattle center- it's fantastic- maybe when cole is older.
If you ever get the chance- my very favorite zoo up that way is Pt. Defiance. It's down past TAcoma a ways. It is so beautiful, It's a little smaller but the have a great aquarium too & a huge shark tank that fun to go to. Okay now I'm really homesick!

she'sonlyhappyinthesun said...

Patsy - I love that you grew up here... That's crazy that your aunt/uncle lived so close, because as I was driving through that neighborhood I was wondering what it would be like to live that close to the zoo... That would have been fun to feed the elephants... as I was walking through the zoo today I just kept getting this crazy urge to feed the animals, but I refrained... They're just so cute, especially the monkeys:) Are you guys still coming here in July?

Styler Family said...

Woodland Park is my favorite zoo. No others compare. Glad you are enjoying the area.

Beth said...

Woodland Park is one of my favorite zoo's! I too love the craftsman style homes around there... it is so beautiful!

Patsy is dead on with all her tips... I love love love the locks too, and the fish ladder, it was one of my thinking spots to go when I was a teenager right after I got my license.

Love the pictures!

Aunt Beth

Joan said...

What fun it must have been at the zoo!Cole is so beautiful! He has your eyes! Love,Joan