Friday, October 26, 2007

Brittany aka Britz

This picture was taken when I first moved to Utah outside of mine and Brittany's apartment.
Me and Brittany being Jol.
Brittany in my basement... one of many sleepovers we've had since I've moved in to this house.

Leaving Brittany is one of the hardest parts about leaving Utah. When I first moved here she let me stay with her at her apartment, she got me a job where she worked, she even let me eat her food. She has looked out for me my entire life and I am really nervous that she is going to be so far away from me.


Brit said...

Thanks Aimee! You know I feel the same way about you. I don't even remember you taking the last picture. But I am looking good in my pj's! :) Love you sis!

pjmesser said...

this is hailey. hailey messer (just in case you get freaked out cause you have no idea who i am) ;) k, so are you liking austenland so far? i loved it! i think it is a really cute book. have you read, 'a book of a thousand days' it's shannon hale's new book. it is amazing. ok, i have no idea, but our toilet all of a sudden is flushing. i am not kidding! ahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! it's doing it again! pwahaha! well, i hope you like austenland. :) sorry this was a stupid comment

love ya aimee!